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  • Congratulations to our company promoted to the largest "South China Poly Real Estate" floor coatings class supplier! I warmly congratulate carborundum wearable Floor material sales first!


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    Guangdong's waterborne floor paint is currently used in construction methods
    With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, people's choice of floor paints pays more attention to green environmental protection functions, and consumers who choose to use Guangdong w
    Construction Skills of Epoxy Color Sand Floor Angle
    Epoxy color sand floor is a new type of composite decorative floor which is composed of colored quartz sand and transparent epoxy resin.
    What is the difference between epoxy color sand floor and epoxy self-leveling floor from material to construction?
    As the saying goes, there are no two identical leaves in the world. The same is true for epoxy colored sand floor and epoxy self-leveling floor. The two have the same points and are different. We need
    What are the advantages of waterborne polyurethane floor paint?
    Some people may be very strange to seal curing agent. This is not a concern. Jieda's service is not stopped at the end of sales. Good after-sales service will give you peace of mind and peace of mind.
    Jieda's sealing curing agent is more reliable!
    The most important thing to buy is to rest assured that Jieda is a very reassuring floor company. The floor is no stranger to many people. Whether it is in some factories or hospitals, we can see the ground. Using the floor, this material makes the whole area look more tidy, and it also has the advantages of moisture-proof, anti-slip, etc., and the sealing curing agent is a very good material for building high-quality flooring, compared with the previous cement. Floors, today's floors have become more complicated, not only to add a lot of materials to enhance the aesthetics and durability, but also to add some special substances according to the use, so choose a sealing curing agent, you need to find a professional company!
    How to solve the problems in the construction process of epoxy floor paint
    Today, epoxy floor paints are used in a wide range of applications and are a very aesthetically pleasing and durable floor paint. As early as the beginning of the last century, epoxy floor paint began
    What factors are easily affected by the rainy season epoxy floor paint?
    The rainy weather in summer has increased, and it has been rainstorms in the near future. These climate changes have a great impact on the construction of the building. In the humid environment, the c

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